Dignity is everywhere

Recently we have been invited to come speak and do awareness campaigns is many different settings. In churches, conferences, schools, communities and child care centres. It’s been a blast because we have an excellent team.

Now we have been offered to go into All the public schools …

October we are training border officials in all the clusters of Mpumalanga…

We need some more speakers so another three ( so far, but the number is growing ) people will be getting trained beginning of September.

We have three calls for proposals waiting to be filled in and send of to the aids foundation and the EU and UN …

Lots of breakthroughs… the harvest is big … the workers are few.

In general, we need you !

And a vehicle … lol


Dear friends,
After a big silence, some exciting news. Today, one of our Dignity girls that stay in the safe house, is going in hospital for a c section. We thought we were going to welcome our little boy Shakira today, but they will only operate tomorrow. This gives us the opportunity to come together and stand in prayer. Caesarian sections are a little more dangerous here in Africa. It is said by ever African woman that with being pregnant, you have one foot in the grave. Lucky we are in South Africa where we have a lot more facilities then in the rest of Africa. The mother is very excited, she is 17. She has tried to continue school, but it hasn t been easy. So we decided to keep her home. What she will do in the future is a big question and we pray for wisdom and revelation about her destiny.

The other ladies that stayed with us have been discupled and are now looking for a job. One is starting her drivers licence on Tuesday. She wants to be a truck driver. We are so grateful for the money that came in for that. She is very excited and now knows that God is faithful and that He will not leave her nor forsake her.
Another lady had done a few nursing subjects and will look after our new little family when they come out of hospital next week. Also here God is providing, we are so humbled by all this.
If you wait upon The Lord, not move unless He moves, not speak unless He speaks, He WILL work miracles.
Now we have a weekend of making the safe house ready to welcome Shakira into it. Plastering, painting and praying for water to finally be delivered at the house. This has been a struggle for 6 months now, waiting on the government. I m about ready to put a borehole!!
Please pray about this. It s an absolute human right to have acces to water for every human being!

Joy Joy Joy in His presence.
Much love, Catherine


Project Dignity

Allereerst; Bedankt voor de kaartjes!!! Het is fantastisch jullie allemaal een beetje dichterbij te hebben. Ze staan te pronken op de kast en elke keer ik er naar kijk komt er een niet te onderdrukken glimlach op mijn gezicht. 🙂

Project Dignity

Enkele maanden geleden gingen we voor het eerst de straat op. God had me geroepen een bediening te starten onder de vrouwen gevangen in prostitutie.
Die eerst avond hebben we met veel vrouwen gepraat en gebeden. Een van de meisjesnam ons mee naar haar kamer. In een klein steegje gingen we de trap op. De bazen wilden ons al een kamer geven….nee nee zij ik. ” Wat wil je dan?” vroeg hij nors. We zouden graag de meisjes komen bezoeken en met hen bidden, mogen we dat? “Mmmm, de kerk?… ja natuurlijk mogen jullie dat.” Ik stond versteld. Waren zijn ogen verblind? Wist deze man niet dat als God hier zou komen alles zou veranderen?
Na een bezoek en gebed samen had ik een visioen dat deze plaats een aanbiddings tempel voor God zou worden . We maakten een afspraak voor een dienst te doen en dit was het onstaan van onze kerk. Drie dagen na onze eerste ontmoeting zongen deze vrouwen ut volle borst en vanuit hun hart naar God, we deelden het Woord met hen en baden met hen en ze werden allen gevuld met hoop en kracht en liefde. De aanwezigheid van Onze Here was bijna tastbaar. Sindsdien hebben we elke vrijdag een dienst in het bordeel, vele vrouwen hebben hun leven aan Jezus gegeven en hebben terug hoop gekregen.
Enkele vrouwen zijn uitgestapt, krijgen disipelschaps training in onze bijbelschool en verblijven in een safe house dat we opgericht hebben in de gemeenschap in Whiteriver. Ze hebben drie modules van de zeven gevolgd en voelden zich sterk genoeg om met kerst naar huis te gaan om daar te gaan vertellen over hun nieuwe leven. Ze vragen gebed voor meer kracht en bescherming. We verwachten ze terug in januari.
De andere vrouwen krijgen meer kracht en moed elke dag en langzaam maar zeker, hersteld Jezus hen in hun waardigheid.
Graag jullie gebed voor deze schatten van meisjes, de vijand probeert ons op te splitsen maar samen staan we sterk, als 1 familie. Op ons kerstfeestje hebben ze bijna allen geuit dat ze na de kerst iets anders willen doen. Als ze uitstappen gaan we veel middelen nodig hebben om ons safe house aan te passen, maar God heeft tot op deze dag altijd al voorzien. Bij elke stap bracht Hij ons exact wat we nodig hadden, echt wonderlijk allemaal.
2013 Wordt een boeiend jaar, ik kan bijna niet wachten om te zien wat God nog allemaal gaat doen. Hij is goed en zijn trouw duurt voor eeuwig.
Voor iedereen een zalige kerst en een gezegend nieuwe jaar vol liefde en vreugde.






An amazing four weeks

It has been a while since I wrote, so let me start 4 weeks ago.
That sunday, the first sunday I was in South Africa, after getting the bigger room in the guesthouse to do church in, I was very excited for the coming doors God was about to open. Tuesday, I went to pick up the girls to go to the prayer meeting. Only one came but she brought a friend. Magda* was touched by God in an amazing way, that same night, when we brought her home, she gave her life to Jesus. At first I was not happy about having to drop her in another part of town, but now we even have another ‘guesthouse’ to go and minister.
She started to tell the world about her new found joy. She spoke with her friend she was charing the apartment with, her little sister that was staying there too and she called her mother to tell she was going to church. She felt she had power now, power to change her life, she is a nurse.
The next day. Tryphina, Nina and me went to yet another place in town. The same girl that brought us Magda wanted us to minister there to her friends. We felt God opening doors left, right and center! We were bringing the light in every dark place in Nelspruit!
Then we got robbed….But God is good and His faithful love endures forever. We all lost stuff that was very dear to us, but like I say, it s only stuff. And God is a God of restoration.
That week, we met 5 new girls at the guesthouse that gave their life to Jesus. At this point, they have all done a management course. We are meeting with another lady next week that does micro finances….
Magda, her room mate and her sister left their job that same week and are being discipeled at the bible school Iris minstries has in Backdoor. We are fixing up a house for them to live in. It will become our safe house for more girls that want te get out straight away.
God has provided us with many things, most of all with an amazing amount of grace and love for these precious women. But also with beds, paint and now even a plumber…
Yesterday, a team from Acts clinic, a free aids clinic came to Anderson street ( where the guesthouse is) and informed and examened the girls that wanted. Most of them are HIV positive, due to rape and abuse, the main reason they are there in the first place.
Their stories are heartbreaking, I cried all weekend last week. When is it going to stop? When are we going to start to treat each other with love and respect? Is the innocense of child worth nothing anymore these days? Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.
By talking and sharing our pain with our sister and bringing each story into the Light, we are finding forgiveness for the abuser or the absent parent and then the healing can start…
A lot to be done, but each day we step out, is a day we make this world a better place.

* Magda is not a real name, to protect her privacy.

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