Dignity is everywhere

Recently we have been invited to come speak and do awareness campaigns is many different settings. In churches, conferences, schools, communities and child care centres. It’s been a blast because we have an excellent team.

Now we have been offered to go into All the public schools …

October we are training border officials in all the clusters of Mpumalanga…

We need some more speakers so another three ( so far, but the number is growing ) people will be getting trained beginning of September.

We have three calls for proposals waiting to be filled in and send of to the aids foundation and the EU and UN …

Lots of breakthroughs… the harvest is big … the workers are few.

In general, we need you !

And a vehicle … lol

Back in business 

First of all thank you all so much for the kind words and encouragements. They mean a lot to me. 

It s been a good time of mourning and celebrating Tienas life. She was and still is an inspiration for all of us. We find ourselves hugging longer and talking to more people intentionally. 

In the middle of this quite time ministry wise, God sent is little presents to keep our faith growing, even in the quite times. I would get messages from girls that we had met on the street, some even years ago. Saying that they were doing well and that they had left the life on the streets since the prayer, returned home and found a job…. He is faithful, all the time. I love these encouragements. Like kisses from heaven. 

Now it’s back to business. We are starting another camp on the 14 th of September till the 24th. A girl from our last camp is so enthousiastic about her life change, that she wants to work with dignity. She identified 15 girls for us and will be staying with them at breakthrough the ten days of the camp. She will also shadow the working on fire leader to learn from her. I am so proud of her. She is a real leader and enjoys serving. 

A busy time ahead, but only for a while …. 

Much love 

The best birthday gift ever!!

Testemonies declare Gods goodness and open up heaven, they tell about Your Kingdom that has come, Your will has been done, on earth like it is in Heaven.
Here are some, the first one I received yesterday while celebrating our first anniversary of the church in the brothel at Anderson.

“Hey its Angela* 4rm anderson street jst wana say tanx alot 4 ur prayers en ur comfortng words,im bck hme en hve mde peace wth my parents en surely startng a new life…tanx alot en hpe ur prayers wl also help my sisters hu r stl ther,pls continue doing dat..”

Other ones from people that visited and experienced the power of the gospel at hand.

Going to South Africa with the Open Gate team will always and forever be the turning point in my life. Hearing the witness of the other team members who went to the brothel with Katherine , Holy Spirit taught me that Jesus loves us no matter where we are or how many times we have fallen it doesn’t depend on us. It’s about his love . I had strayed so far that I could not forgive myself and then I was told about the beautiful women of the brothel and Holy Spirit melted my heart and he flooded me with love and its been filled ever since may God bless all the women you are with Katherine and may The Lord bless you.Shawn

Ministry cries out for practical applications of the Gospel. You and your team are plonk in the middle of God’s heart with Project Dignity. We pray with and for you regularly. ‚̧
Prov 16:9 A man’s heart plans his way, but the LORD directs his steps. (NKJ)

Ps 37:23 The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD, and He delights in his way. (NKJ)

We thank God for directing our steps each day. We thank God for leading us by His Holy Spirit. Michael

Keep a covenant relationship with God. Blessing comes with covenant. Being in covenant with God is a contract or a promise of His peace, safety, favor, protection, health and prosperity. And God does not go back on His word or break His promises (Num 23:19; Isa 55:11). To all who are in Nelspruit, White River, boved of God, called to be saints: grace to you and peace (prosperity, shalom) from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ (Rom 1:7)
Amen Catherine! Amen!! We declare that with you, and ask for acceleration of breakthrough please Jesus! JOY!!!

Had an amazing time with the girls this morning. What a privelege to impart some of the love of Jesus to our sisters. His presence was so tangible and we stand together in agreement that His Kingdom be established in the heart of every girl and in fact every person that ventures into that area. Thank you Abba that your glory be made manifest. Thank you JesusLiselle



We had an amazing time in Gods presence and then we gave roses to every girl we met.
Amen and thank you Papa for using us for Your Kingdom!!

* this is not her real name, for obvious reasons.