Dignity is everywhere

Recently we have been invited to come speak and do awareness campaigns is many different settings. In churches, conferences, schools, communities and child care centres. It’s been a blast because we have an excellent team.

Now we have been offered to go into All the public schools …

October we are training border officials in all the clusters of Mpumalanga…

We need some more speakers so another three ( so far, but the number is growing ) people will be getting trained beginning of September.

We have three calls for proposals waiting to be filled in and send of to the aids foundation and the EU and UN …

Lots of breakthroughs… the harvest is big … the workers are few.

In general, we need you !

And a vehicle … lol


This mornings Outreach team to Bamjee, a township that is build around a truck stop / bar,  near Ngodwana. 

Catherine and Catherine, Love this lady so much. From early morning they wash, with one tab for the whole village, all this before going to work. #happytohaveajob#ngodwana #bamjee 

Vegetable grow well in this place ..

Everyone builds their own house … themselves 



Two weeks ago I left for Singapore. When I arrived I got a phone call from my dear friend and colleague Tanya. She told me the gate was stolen… which gate? Which house? … No, the gate, the front gate … the big gate? … yes, the top one …. wow, the big, steel, heavy gate which we try to move just a few days ago and needed all our power to slide it closed? … yes … wow incredible. 

Lucky our amazing staff jumped in to fabricate a temporary gate to keep the totsis out. Thank you Stephan, Syabonga and Johan.