We are a small group of missoniaries from the four corners of the world that have experienced the power of radical love and are compelled to share it, particularly with those on the streets in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, South Africa.

We started reaching out to the ladies on the street, then God opended the doors to plant a church in the Brothel. This was all in one week! Women and men started coming to hear the word of God. We had never experienced such a hunger for the Word.

As we continued to witness and make relationships with the ladies on the street, we became more aware of the vastness of the network of prostitution in the Mbombela area. With the close borders of Mozambique and Swaziland, and truck transportation readily available, a lucrative environment for the sex trade flourished. However the main reason this industry is growing so fast is the general issues linked to poverty.

Now we are a team from many churches around the nelspruit area.

Where we are

Office/Drop in centre

After two years ministering to the ladies in the prostitution network on the street, their homes and workspaces, it became very clear we needed our own place in the district.

Youth for Christ has offered to share their office with us! We are humbled by such generosity and hope to retain a powerful partnership that glorifies Our King. It is part of a vision that God shared to us about all the churches coming together and working in unity to bring home His lost bride.

So now we are very excited to be starting our office /drop in centre on 2nd Floor, 46 Anderson 46 Road, Nelspruit.

We repainted the place and have started decorating it so it can be made into a home where the girls can come to talk over a cup of coffee. They can receive prayer and counselling, skills training and love. It s a place where they can meet their Father. A place where they feel at home, so they can be comforted, encouraged and friendships can be made.

News from the district

Outreach on the streets

Every week we go a few times on the streets in groups of two.
We go on the streets in order to build personal relationships.
We often find that women are very damaged, and they find it very difficult to trust people. This takes time.
We want to really be there for them, to stand beside them through everything.
The women (and also some men) with whom we come in contact have very different backgrounds and come from many different areas. Our team also consists of women who speak several different languages so that the women can be reached effectively.

Outreach on the streets is the first step towards further contact.

Love looks like something

Giving hope
Many times ladies share their dreams with us and tell us that talking with us encouraged them and gives them hope. Hope is powerful, and can lead the way out of their difficult situation, give encouragement to look to the future and to take steps to start a different life.

We want to walk next to them, side by side for their next steps. We are guiding a few women right now through the different steps of getting their life in order. Women coming out of prostitution have been through a lot. Little by little they can begin to see that there is hope for them, hope for a different life.

When they are opening their hearts more and more to God, when they come closer to Him, they will start to see something of how God sees them.

Some Personal Stories.

Last month we took a girl out to lunch, she started to dream again about a future she once had. She stepped out and we took her by the hand and searched for how to practically lead her into her dream. We went to the different universities and schools, looked at bursaries and housing and found an absolutely divine solution. Now she has three years of studying to do where she can stay on campus and get fed every day! We are all jumping with joy.

Since August one of our team is looking closely after a girl that came out. She sleeps on her sofa, they share the bathroom and life. It’s been a challenging time for both of them. She ran away from order and discipline one day, but love never fails. She came running back and slowly she is learning to budget, to plan things ahead, to keep her finances up to date and to basically organize her life. She is learning that making good decisions destroys the enemies of the future. She has finished her internship and we hope she can stay there as an employee as they were very happy with her. Praise God!



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